After turning on the GPIOE peripheral, it still needs to be configured. In this case, we want the pins to be configured as digital outputs so they can drive the LEDs; by default, most pins are configured as digital inputs.

You can find the list of registers in the GPIOE register block in:

Section 11.4.12 - GPIO registers - Page 243 - Reference Manual

The register we'll have to deal with is: MODER.

Your task for this section is to further update the starter code to configure the right GPIOE pins as digital outputs. You'll have to:

  • Figure out which pins you need to configure as digital outputs. (hint: check Section 6.4 LEDs of the User Manual (page 18)).
  • Read the documentation to understand what the bits in the MODER register do.
  • Modify the MODER register to configure the pins as digital outputs.

If successful, you'll see the 8 LEDs turn on when you run the program.