The microcontroller has a peripheral called UART, which stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. This peripheral can be configured to work with several communication protocols like the serial communication protocol.

Throughout this chapter, we'll use serial communication to exchange information between the microcontroller and your computer.

NOTE that on the micro:bit v2 we will use the so called UARTE peripheral which behaves just like a regular UART, except that the HAL has to talk to it differently. However, this will of course not be our concern.


As always from now on you will have to modify the Embed.toml to match your micro:bit version:

# chip = "nrf52833_xxAA" # uncomment this line for micro:bit V2
# chip = "nrf51822_xxAA" # uncomment this line for micro:bit V1

halt_afterwards = false

enabled = true

enabled = false