We've tested sending data. It's time to test receiving it. Except that there's no other device that can send us some data ... or is there?

Enter: loopbacks

You can send data to yourself! Not very useful in production but very useful for debugging.

Connect the TXO and the RXI pins of the serial module together using a male to male jumper wire as shown above.

Now enter some text into minicom/PuTTY and observe. What happens?

You should see three things:

  • As before, the TX (red) LED blinks on each key press.
  • But now the RX (green) LED blinks on each key press as well! This indicates that the serial module is receiving some data; the one it just sent.
  • Finally, on the minicom/PuTTY console, you should see that what you type echoes back to the console.

Now that you are familiar with sending and receiving data over serial port using minicom/PuTTY, let's make your microcontroller and your laptop talk!